Procedure for Obtaining Consent to Establish

Sr No. Description
1. The new industrial units/projects falling under Red, Orange and Green Categories listed as Annexure-I, Annexure-II & Annexure-III respectively, shall apply for Consent to Establish of the Board through the on-line portal of Haryana Enterprises Promotion Centre (HEPC) i.e. , in the prescribed form alongwith requisite NOC/CTE fee as prescribed by the Board from time to time and will be deposited through online payment gateway as per fees schedule available on the website of the Board i.e.
2. Application shall be submitted by the authorized official of the industry/project, duly authorized by the owner/Board of directors / partners of the unit.
3. All documents applicable for respective industrial units/ projects mentioned in the checklist given at Annexure-V, will be submitted by the units while applying for CTE, by uploading the same on the online portal.
4. The units while submitting the application for obtaining CTE, shall also submit a performance security through online payment gateway as per the slab given at Annexure-VI or revised from time to time, alongwith undertaking by the applicant as per specimen given at Annexure-VII, signifying adherence to the prescribed standards, all the conditions of CTE and indicating awareness about the provisions of the Water Act, 1974/Air Act, 1981 and applicable Rules and self certification regarding not starting of any construction or installation work at site.
5. No inspection is required for the purpose of dealing the cases of CTE unless any violation come to the notice of the Board and undertaking/self certification submitted by the unit, will be considered sufficient to decide the CTE applications, subject to submission of complete application alongwith prescribed documents, consent fee and performance security.
6. If at any stage it is found that the work at the site of the unit was/has been started for construction of plant and installation of machinery before obtaining the consent to establish under Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981 from the Board, legal action will be taken in that case against such units by filing the prosecution case in Special Environment Court for such violations under relevant provisions of the said Acts before or even after grant of CTE, as the case may be.
7. The validity period of CTE so granted by the Board will be as under:-
(i). The CTE for the projects requiring Environmental Clearance, shall be granted for a period upto 07 years subject to the validity of Environmental Clearance or the date of commissioning of the project, whichever is earlier.
(ii). The CTE, for the projects not requiring Environmental Clearance, shall be granted for a period upto 05 years including stone crushers, hot mix plants, screening plants, brick kilns etc. or the date of commissioning of the project, whichever is earlier.